Conveyor technology from Kruse + Sohn

modular, flexibel and innovativ

We offer the right solution for any product flow. Our conveyor systems can be optimally integrated into your production chain because they can be individually adapted from modular assemblies according to your requirements in terms of construction, hygiene standard and conveying direction.

The following systems are available:

  • Hygiene conveyor in various expansion stages with / without control
  • Elevators
  • Line distributors / mergers
  • Stacking systems
  • Product alignment stations / grouping units

We process the latest innovations and your individual requirements into high-performance production systems.


Kruse + Sohn is your flexible partner for:

  • Planning / project planning
  • Construction
  • Production
  • Assembly
  • After-sales service

Conveyor technology at the highest level:

The design of all conveyors basically corresponds to the ideal hygienic requirements for the application. We differentiate between two design variants:


Type A

Standard hygienic version

  • Stainless steel elements blasted, screw connections minimized
  • FDA approved materials
  • Cleaning openings in the side walls for good accessibility and easy cleaning
  • Avoidance of dead spaces
  • Profiles set aside
  • Control cabinets can be removed for cleaning

Type B

Extended hygienic version

  • Stainless steel elements blasted / pickled and mostly welded
  • FDA approved materials Open construction
  • Central tube as a supporting element without dirty corners, completely welded
  • Profiles set aside No sidewalls, minimized contact points
  • Control cabinets can be removed for cleaning easy and effective cleaning for the highest hygiene requirements


Overview of conveyor systems:

Belt conveyor

Belt conveyors can be used, for example, to transport packaged or unpacked goods and even bulk goods. They are suitable for horizontal, ascending or descending transport. The belt material and the belt surface are tailored to your specific transport goods. We build the right belt conveyor for you according to your requirements and integrate them into your transport system if required.


Roller conveyor

As an efficient conveyor for flat bulk goods such as pallets, boxes, cardboard boxes, etc., the roller conveyor is used as a transport, buffer and storage route between individual production points.



Modular belt conveyors

Modular belt conveyors, like the belt conveyor described above, are versatile. Depending on the application, we offer a variety of different designs.

Line distributor

We use program-controlled solutions to separate or merge goods of different sizes and quality, in which they are guided gently and quietly.



Telescopic conveyor

Telescopic conveyors enable products to be placed or deposited on the designated storage areas. The products are precisely placed in rows and can be individually adapted as required.




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